Ever Wonder Why?

Everyone who uses mouthwash does so because they want cleaner and whiter teeth. How many people, including myself until recently, consider how strange it is to attempt to whiten your teeth with a substance that is artificially dyed blue, green, or purple?

Why did I only recently learn that I had been peeling bananas wrong my entire life? (It’s far easier to peel a banana by hand if you start from the bottom)

Why do mosquitos buzz in my ear before lethargically trying to extract blood from my neck? In the history of mosquitos, has there never been communication among mosquitos that perhaps one should avoid the two legged giant, especially while they are awake? Mosquitos are kamikaze pilots who make what would be an enjoyable evening outside into a violent bloodbath on my neck and legs.

Why would anyone think that a good way to learn is to sit in a chair for eight hours a day while being fed information out of context?

Why do newscasters often invite viewers to join them tomorrow? So while I’m trying to fall asleep I can continue to have haunting flashes of the murder and violence that was committed that day?

The question of why is the fuel in my gas tank.

That fuel in my tank compelled me to write a short book about an event I’ve been attending every year as far back as I can remember.

The book is Minnesota State Fair: Deep Fried Thoughts on Cheese Curds, Carnies, and the Human Condition.

Why did I write a book about the Minnesota State Fair? Because I’m obsessed with the question of why, especially with my own irrational behavior.

There is nothing logical about attending a State Fair, paying money for an entrance fee, dealing with traffic and parking, sweating 10,000 lakes, and rubbing up against the full spectrum of humanity in the crowded streets. And the food… Every time I open my wallet at the State Fair, a cardiologist gets his wings.

Yet… I love the State Fair.

I go every single year.

This didn’t make sense to me.

So last year I documented my experience in search of why (and lots of very delicious deep fried food).

At the State Fair I found my why along with a few observations on food and people in general.

The book is on Amazon.

It’s short.

It’s 99 cents.

It’s available right now on Amazon.


If you just clicked that link to buy it, this gif is for you.

ryan gosling clapping

If you need further convincing that it’s worth reading, visit Minnesota State Fair Book for a free sample.

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    Bought it. Looking forward to reading it!